Episode 15: Creating Audiobooks

This episode, I describe the process that I use to record audio books, and while this episode may be the longest to date, you could easily walk away and duplicate my process. I also share how to get up to 3 free audiobooks.

Episode 14: Physical vs Digital Buyers

Do the people who purchase your books in a digital format have different buying habits than those who prefer your physical books? This week I discuss the type of person that might prefer one format over another, and how that does (or doesn’t) affect how you want to move forward.

Episode 11: 3 Book as Business Card Examples

This week, I revisit a topic from episode 1 where I lay out some examples of how you can promote your business using your book, specifically ways to use a book as a real estate agent, as a software developer, and as an attorney. You could use these examples in a similar way in other industries as well.

Episode 8: 3 Methods For Writing Your Next Book

This week we discuss 3 methods for writing your next book. These methods are most appropriate for non-fiction books but may be used as a framework for fiction as well if you wanted to get creative.

Episode 7: Write, Publish, Repeat with Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant

Realm & Sands publishes books and stories with a wide range of topics from Western, Fantasy, and Erotica to Science Fiction, Humor and Political Thriller. They are constantly testing different strategies for writing, pricing and marketing their books. Their latest book, Write, Publish, Repeat describes their process in detail.

Episode 6: The Best Software For Writing A Book

Better tools mean that you’ll have a less stressful time getting your words recorded, but having the best tool doesn’t necessarily mean having so many bells and whistles that you spend all of your time learning how to use the tool rather than writing. Here are 11 popular tools you may want to consider using.